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The Secret Book Of I

In our story, the child goes on an epic voyage to discover a Book that tells the tale of their entire life, hoping to discover their destiny. By making it personalised, each reader can have the experience of achieving great feats as the hero, which should make them more engaged, motivated and inspired.

In addition to tackling lack of diversity, which we also do, it means every child can become their own model from which to learn from, and gain greater aspirations in their real life.

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The Secret Book Of I by The Prologue Publications
The Secret Book Of I at the book launch event December 2018.
The Secret Book Of I - Available As Ebook

E-book (Pay-What-You-Can)

You can receive your very own personalised story as an electronic copy readable on your devices via our Pay-What-You-Can initiative.

We give you the choice to place your own value on our e-book (including £0) so that every child can afford their own copy! The Secret Book Of I has been described as a “wonderfully creative story that opens up real imaginative lines of inquiry that are crucial for young people to fulfil their potential and smash perceived barriers.”

You’ll be able to access your book within just minutes of playing your online order.

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