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Proudly supporting Make-A-Wish® UK, ‘Donate A Book’ is a national initiative that gives people the opportunity to gift children with critical illnesses their own paperback personalised story. By purchasing a book on behalf of a child, you not only provide them and their family with something magical to cherish but you directly help Make-A-Wish grant life-changing wishes.

Alysha's Story

Six-year-old Alyssa wishes to drink hot chocolate with Santa in Lapland and meet her pet husky
Logan’s brothers and sisters who, Alyssa believes, live in Lapland with all the other snowdogs!

Alyssa is an outgoing girl who loves to sing, dance and play with her dog. But she had a tough start
in life. Everyone had thought Alyssa had a touch of jaundice as a baby. Then her eyes began turning
yellow and she was referred for blood tests at hospital.

Mum Tracy found herself being ushered behind closed curtains as doctors gathered around her.
They had found a serious problem with Alyssa’s liver and she needed a transplant urgently. In just a
few moments, Alyssa’s life was changed forever.

Donate a magical personalised book to a critically ill child like Alyssa, whilst also helping grant their One True Wish! To make this incredible change to their life, simply ‘add to cart’ on their behalf.

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