The Community

The Prologue is a children’s social enterprise that inspires through personalised stories whilst supporting and empowering through education and a child-first, community approach.

Our Mission: Empowering a global movement of children, placing them at the forefront of society

Our Vision: Making children the present,  and not just the future

Our Values: Community, Passion, Purpose, Empowerment

Our Journey

Children are born into a complex world and forced into an old education system they have very little control of and which fails many of them. We are therefore changing the landscapes of education and society by truly empowering children, nurturing their well-being and guiding their thinking beyond – ushering a new era for children.

We provide children with the magical experience of being the hero in their own inspiring personalised story where they take control of their destiny, which are then followed by core educational resources, an innovative educational model and new social structures to better make their dreams our reality.

Our Community

Our founder, Luke, has made the strong conscious choice to work both for and alongside children with ceaseless passion, motivation and joy. Although he is most inspired by children themselves, his vast experiences, most relevantly in teaching and writing, inform his vision for how children can be placed at the forefront of society.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, for which Luke has been shortlisted for the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit categories, said of our founder:

“A publishing director, author, educationalist, Luke Swann’s innovation as an entrepreneur is guided by his first-hand experiences of poverty, academia and a desire to improve the well-being of future generations. His award-winning company, The Prologue, produces e-books that use personalised stories to promote education and creativity in children.”

But in order to transform the lives of our young, we believe that we must work together since we all possess solutions to the problems children are facing. The Prologue is fortunate enough to have a truly wonderful, diverse team, working in the areas they are most passionate about, which means that they improve the lives of children whilst working in the areas that matter most to them. This experience is something we would like to share with anyone who wants to make a difference alongside us.

Working for The Prologue has been an amazing experience. As a team member, I had the opportunity of contributing to a unique and marvellous project called “The Secret Book Of I”. Over the course of my year with The Prologue, I was able to gain relevant experience related to my course and transferable skills I’m applying nowadays in my current job.

I will always remember all the talented people I met and the friends I made during this journey. More than a placement or a job, being involved in this project was like being part of a community and a force of positive change. I’m confident that, just like me, the current and former members of this organization will have incredible opportunities in their lives and chances to apply what they learnt.

Today I’m very proud to say that The Secret Book Of I will help lots of children of all backgrounds to see themselves represented in a story while inspiring them to pursue their dreams and think outside the box.

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Prologue’s next steps and the impact in the next generation of the UK.

Pier, Former Publishing Manager

Being part of The Prologue Team is an incredible, dynamic and challenging journey. Luke and The Prologue incredibly enriched my period in Manchester, making me feel at home. The Prologue Family is growing and growing and the fact that it is a community, open to everybody who has time and ideas to share makes it always interesting and in a continuous process of evolution.

Through The Prologue, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand how a startup evolves, the challenges it has to face day by day and the satisfaction of achieving milestones. I met so many incredible people and students that are giving their own personal and creative contribution to such an incredible project. I was lucky to find a project in which I really believe and that I truly think is going to improve the lives of many children while spreading awareness for important issues and creating positive social change.

Lavinia, Former Business Development Manager

Luke Swann and his team at the Prologue Publications work tirelessly to achieve their end goal, “Making children the present and not just the future”. As a previous intern at the Prologue, I know first hand how much dedication and passion has gone into Luke’s first project, “The Secret Book of I”. Many interns have joined him along the way and helped support the Prologue in achieving the final publication of a book, a website and partnerships with charities such as Make-A-Wish.

The support I’ve had from Luke since I’ve known him has been immense, not only has he helped kickstart my career, but I have also learned many employable traits from him. We have developed a strong friendship along the way, and he even joined me and my parents for a few drinks at my graduation!

I highly recommend everyone to follow the Prologue Publications’ journey and support their cause. I know that there will be more exciting projects to come because I know that the people behind the scenes making it all happen are truly driven not by money, but by making the world a better place for the future generations that follow.

Sam, Former Web Developer
The Prologue Publications Team

By emailing us with the subject ‘Community’, we can support or collaborate with you in any number of ways to make our world a better place for our children, and hence us all.

Our Ask: We ask that you pledge in life to see and hear the world through the eyes and voices of children, always considering them first. And, should you wish, we warmly welcome you to speak to us about how we, together, can best create a greater world for all of our children.

With Love and Support,

The Prologue