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Many of you will already know about our mission to empower a global movement of young people, placing them at the forefront of society, there are many who don’t. But first of all, let’s look at why so many young people and ourselves consider this necessary.

Well, young people face tremendous social inequality, having fewer means to express their concerns and share serious ideas on many outcomes in their lives and the world they belong to.

For over a decade, they are forced into an antiquated education system that fails to meet many of their modern, wide-ranging needs and they are not actively encouraged or given the structures to pursue their passions to live more purposeful lives.

A tiny number of adults achieve their childhood dream jobs and, given the instability in the economy and political system, along with the rise in mental health difficulties, the problem doesn’t seem to be going away. This simply has to change.

Our maxim is that:
‘Young people are the present and not just the future’

What they think, say and do matters – and matters now. Passion, purpose and intrinsic motivation need to be placed at the heart of what they are doing in life.

By engaging with themselves in a deeper way and creating the change they see fit, from a young age, they can better realise that they are able to achieve greater outcomes they personally want from a young age; then with time, what they gain from this world and what they give back to it, will grow and grow.

This is what we understand at The Prologue – a social enterprise that inspires young people through aspirational personalised stories, helps actualise (bring to reality) their aspirations in real life and enables them to become more empowered and create change in society, in a youth-led, community approach.

By following our journey, you will learn more about our mission and the individual projects we are proud to undertake but, for now, we would love to tell you more about the purpose of this introductory post.


This page will serve as a more formal space for significant media and publications related to our work that Teach, Inspire, Empower, Motivate or Support (TIMES) young people, consisting of fictional stories, inspirational stories, thought pieces, news, articles, blogs, essays, interviews, digital images, digital videos, collected social media and more.

Our most significant pieces will be from young people and we will endeavor to include as much as is possible of this New Media: pieces and publications written by or made in collaboration with young people, giving them a platform to highlight the troubles they face, express their ideas on society and the world, share their works (in fiction and non-fiction) and have a place to create change.

But we will also include pieces by The Prologue and its members, our great Ambassadors, wonderful community and inspirational pieces from others around the world.

If you want to showcase your work as a young person or on behalf of a young person (under 18), email your query or submission with the subject ‘New Media’ to admin@theprologue.org.

If you want to contribute to our work in supporting, empowering and developing the minds of young people as an adult (18 and over), email your query or submission with the subject ‘Media’ to admin@the prologue.org.

We are accepting one-off pieces in addition to series of works for more long-term contributions and exposure. If the type of work falls outside of that described above, please speak with a member of our team via email to see if we can facilitate yours or their work.

We will make every effort to respond to every submission and, particularly for young people, provide feedback to your work.

For all of our media, particularly those created by young people, we and they will greatly appreciate any engagement with the pieces and their authors to better delve into the stories and themes explored; similarly, sharing ours and their work will increase the impact we have on young people’s lives.

‘The real story begins with you’

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