The Prologue's Personalised Stories

The Secret Book of I is about a child who believes in the existence of a mysterious, secret Book that tells the story of their entire life. Hoping to seek their destiny and discover the hidden parts of themselves, they embark on an exciting journey to find their own magical Book.

The story was written by Luke Swann, a children’s author, campaigner and founder of The Prologue. The Prologue begins with The Secret Book of I to place children at the forefront of society.

The Prologue's Personalised Learning Stories

The Secret Book of I is the most personalised story to date, including the child, their loved ones, their hometown and eight character designs to choose from.

We created this based on social learning theory, which shows us that children learn more from models more similar to them. Due to its highly engaging and motivational impact, our story is being given to schools across the world for free as a literacy and aspirational resource.

The Prologue's Pay What You Can Scheme

We are improving literacy rates and social mobilty in the UK by giving personalised books to disadvantaged children who don’t own a single book.

Contact us to pre-order your copy, which will also provide a book for another child. For corporations, contact us about our Corporate Social Responsibility package to give hundreds to thousands of disadvantaged children their first book, personalised uniquely for them.